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    U N S P O K E N

    " U N S P O K E N "

    Your eyes close, a fringe of lashes,
    holding back the tears as they gather.
    Why is it you hide from love,
    even as it stands before you?
    Your heart can see, love, even in the darkness.

    Your hands rest at your sides,
    though they long to reach out,
    afraid to touch, afraid to feel.
    Love in all it's emotion, surpasses the physical.
    Without even the faintest touch,
    it leaves it's imprint upon you.

    Your voice hesitant, you dare not speak of love,
    guarded, you keep your voice even,
    afraid to let the emotion show.
    Yet you give yourself away,
    for I can hear love in your voice,
    even as you pray for me,
    even as you call out my name.

    Your eyes speak of a love,
    that has not yet found it's voice.
    I smile and let it go for now,
    content to find myself,
    in the presence of love unspoken.

    Nb. Special thnx to apple.j 
    and RIP my Canon 5D


    1. love the second one!! the tone, the expression, the place. woahh.
      makes me want to take a photo like that! hahaha ;p



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