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    My Sweet Memories

    " My Sweet Memories "

    Hi guys,
    im back! miss me? lol.. *just kidding*
    yeah, this album only just for fun, nothin special really,
    Since im so bored and kinda pissed off with the OZ weather recently.

    I've cancelled my photoshoot so many times already, 4 times i guessed.
    So this album just to help me cheer up~
    and testing how good pentax camera is.. eventhough is not mine ! 
    Its belong to my headchef! haaha.. thnx to him.
    and thnx to my friend here~ ELLEN.. *applause for her*

    Anyway, ENJOY GUYS.
    This photos taken at MSM "my sweet memory cafe" hahaha..


    1. These photos are amazing! Sharing them on our Facebook page, I hope you don't mind!



      My Sweet Memory Team

    2. Your photos are inspiring! I love them, especially the LETTER series!
      Can I ask about camera thingy, I plan to invest on my first (hopefully) pro camera, but confused about the brand, and there's this micro 4:3 too which is quite interesting and practical (Olympus PEN & Nikon1).
      I see that you mentioned Pentax here, which Pentax did you try before? Pentax K-r?

      If I go for the micro 4:3, um, I'm afraid I can't produce an image as stellar as yours, which is what I aimed :D

      Hope I won't trouble you by asking this, thank you :)

    3. @MSM : Thnx alot for the comments, I dont mind at all. Please share them.

      @the little miss : Hi there, sorry for the late replie. Im using the pentax dst2. That's old camera. I just bought the pentax K-5, that one really nice. You should consider that camera.



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