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    " BREAK FREE "
    stuck inside inside this shell 
    i long to break out 
    away from all this mundane life 
    i wish to break free of this boring routine 
    materialistic ambitions galore 
    swimming against a tide (that we call life) 
    fast at times 
    slow at another 
    stuck once in a while 
    i lay buried under a sea of desires 
    meaningless most of the time 
    necessity once in a while 
    clueless for the rest 
    i wait 
    like a shadow in the night 
    like a fly around a light 
    like a rebel wanting to break free 
    i wait 
    i am tired 

    trying to make sense of this humdrum existence 
    life is now a high speed car race 
    drive fast to stay with the pack 
    drive slow and be left behind 
    its all happening too fast 
    living in a circus 
    walking a tightrope everyday 
    smiling to one and all 
    juggling everything that is thrown 
    another day, another act 
    another mindless journey 
    putting on a brave face 

    wearing a new make-up each time 
    On and on, does anybody know what we are living for? 
    Outside the day has dawned 
    But inside in the dark 
    i want to break free… 

    * Writen by Praveen *

    Well long time didn't take pics, kinda make me dull though haha..
    Now in this album,just want to "BREAK FREE" and change to something new,
    especially Tone.

    Not only for the camera i mean, for the model as well.
    She changed her appearance to kinda "boyish" style, u can see them at the pics.
     Im using 2 cameras for this photoshoot,

    Thnx for Ellen and Special thnx to Bella MUA ^^
    and dont forget i give credit to my Friend's Skateboard. 
    THNX SO MUCH yuhuu~

    Gimme some comments whether u guys like it or not, 
    Thnx alot guys,



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