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    No Answer

    "NO ANSWER "
    Heavy rain whole night,
    I was staring at the emptiness.
    Him ; the person i like the most, 
    haven't replie me at all.

    I'm waiting for his answer tonight,
    for his decision, about me, about him 
    About us..

    I keep calling and calling him.
    He never ever picked up my phone.
    I'm confused, Dont know anything i can do.

    I will keep trying to call him.
    But my phone run out of battery. 
    I need to make sure everything is alright.

    Is this his answer to me?
    is this how our relationship will end?
    is this how he will answer me?
    is this how he want to hang me up like this?


    Hi guys,
    This is my new photo album,
    basically the story you guys know the point already right?
    I'll just give u guys the headline,
    " this girl waiting for his decision wether their relationship keep goin or not "

    It was really hard to shoot while do the video altogether bymyself,
    so please understand my situation right now.
    and It was raining heavily, so sometimes i have to stop the shoot and take cover to somewhere else first.
    It was really hard. while holding the umbrella to shoot haha..
    i dont want to see my beloved camera die while i shoot. ( anyway im really worried bout my camera now, totally WET! ) LOL

    Enjoy guys, hope u guys like it.
    And thanks alot for Summer herself to pose for us, to become our main actress right now.

    *guys, please check out this album video,

    CHEERS ^^



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