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    if only . . .

    " if only . . . "

    if only . . . you were right here next to me.

    hold me tight like how you used to do.
    kiss me gently like how you used to do.
    rub my cheeks like how you used to do.
    hold my hand like how you used to do.
    play with my hair like how you used to do.
    say you love me like how you used to do..

    if only you knew how much i love you..
    if only you knew how much i care ..
    if only i could turn back time and be with you once again.
    if only . . .
    if only you were still mine.

    If only this was just a nightmare,
    please wake me up.
    Cause this pain is more than i can bear.

    if only you could hear my heart crying.
    if only you could see these tears falling.

    If only . . .


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    It has been 2 years since i learned photography.

    Sure for the first time i didn't feel like i'm going to do this as a job.

    But well, Passion really attract me this much to continue like this,

    mainly i do Portraits photography, i really love to capture the " Feel " of pictures, Emotion of the people , the soul that i captured.

    I did couple of Magazine photoshoot as well but since i started recently, still got a lot of to learn.

    Engagement pictures and Wedding photography are my mainly job.

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