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    lettre et voyage - day 1

    " Day one - Searching "

    A letter came. It was from him; that one person that made my life seemed brighter than usual.
    He was my lover that I could never let go of.
    He wrote me a letter telling me to come and see him in this beautiful country he's living in for a while now.
    He told me he was sorry for making me wait.
    I couldn't help but forgave him that very moment I read those words.
    So I packed my belonging and left town. I want to see him so bad, I want to smell his scent, I want to be held in his arms like before.

    The only information of him I have is his address written on the envelope. How will I get there? I do not know. I've never heard of this place before. What's it like? Oh how I can't wait to get there.

    So here I am in your country; passing these buildings, streets, and pathways that will somehow lead me to you. This long dreadful walk, when will it come to an end? All I want is to see you there, standing with open arms.

    Step by step I'm making my way. Are you waiting for me? are you excited to see me? Do you miss me?

    This journey will connect me to you, to make us whole again. A journey that I will cherish as a memory of being able to be with you again.

    Step by step, I'm finding my way back to you.

    * to be continued . . . .


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