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    I love you . . .

    The thing that we always want to say to sumone we love..
    " I Love you "

    but u know its hard to say it, 
    but better say it before too little too late.
    i wrote it into a piece of paper.
    using a pencil.

    keep it secret
    keep it hidden in my heart
    maybe i . .
    but i cant . . 
    still . . . .
    I can't say it
    maybe i will leave it like that.
    keep it hidden

    just this . . .

    Love put the fun in together
    The sad in apart

    Actually love never mean to hurt people
    only people mean to hurt love
    it will left a scar
    permanent scar

    Its hard to deal with
    but possible to deal with

    Love never mean to hurt people , only people mean to hurt love 

    "Gredy xu"


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    I did couple of Magazine photoshoot as well but since i started recently, still got a lot of to learn.

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